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The 541 Cow Family is known for fleshing ability, muscle, milk, and scrotal circumference and could be considered the most prolific at Telpara Hills.

The 541 Cow Family has re-written the record books for Telpara Hills as well as the US’ leading Brangus Studs, Camp Cooley Ranch, Mound Creek, Cavenders and the Oaks.  It continues to produce numerous AI sires and females with big EPD packages, including our US$70,000 embryo donor.

   This is our most dominant cow family.

At Telpara Hills, we have always understood and appreciated the role of cow families in successful breeding. This concept was used in the  Angus breed since its beginnings and today in the most prominent cattle studs across almost all breeds.

Very simple in its design, this method has enabled diligent studstock breeders to consistently identify certain genetic traits associated with individual cow families.

All females are named and branded with the number representing their cow family.  This number is given to all females born tracing back to the original female.   For example, all progeny of Miss Backside 468P6, a member of the famous “468” cow family, will carry the 468 brand on their hip followed by an identifier that is unique to the individual animal.

Due to years of intense selection for performance traits, top cow families produce lines that are highly predictable and profitable.  We have handpicked females from top families abroad, and have chosen a few select females here in Australia to become the original female of her own family.

Click on any female’s photo for more information.  Videos of some of our donors are available here.


Miss Brinks CEO 468N26

Miss Greendale U146

Telpara Hills’ 146 cow family was initiated with the purchase of Greendale U146, who blends Australian and American bloodlines.  We chose this female for her outstanding balance and excellent performance data.  

Both her natural and ET calves have inherited her balance and exhibit outstanding fleshing ability and muscle.   This family is one of our most popular and profitable.

Simply put, this is one of the very best cow families currently available worldwide. By blending lower birth weight, high growth rates, maternal excellence and top REA measurements, this 468 cow family is highly prized by leading studs.

We now have several 468 donor females that are all outstanding in every way including phenotype, performance, and pedigree.  Both are bred from long lines of leading Brangus cattle and are sure to continue to breed excellent progeny.

If you are looking for eye appeal, look to the Telpara Hills 468 family.

The 820 cow family is a newer generation family known for being big, growthy, heavily-muscled females that retain their femininity.

This family is also exciting as an outcross to many of the dominant Brangus bloodlines and produces standout bulls and females including a record priced $25,000 heifer and sires retained by Telpara Hills.

Center Miss Best Bet 820/R42

The 392 family is one of the dominant and more famous cow families from the Brinks herd on which Telpara Hills is based. This has been a cash cow family with the great Miss BB New Newsmaker 392B3 generating US$225,573.50 in sales.

The Telpara Hills 392 Cow Family is earning their place by consistently producing calves who appeal to stud breeders.

JAK Miss Backside 468P6 Miss Brinks CEO 468N26 Miss Mound Creek New Direction 541R2 Miss Brinks Sundance 392L
Telpara Hills 920 Cow Family

‘Powerful’ is the best word to describe the 920 cow family.  This family produces calves with grunt that stand above their peers for early growth.

920 genetics will add growth and size to cattle that need a boost in performance.  Both 920 bulls and females often lead our sales teams.  Two 920 heifers held Australian price records.  Telpara Hills Gladstone 920F2 is one of the best Brangus bulls we have produced and continues to sire beautiful calves at Telpara Hills.

Miss Greendale U146

The 11 Cow Family is an exciting new family to Telpara Hills, but has already proven itself to produce outstanding bulls and females in the USA, including high sellers in Genetrust and Global Collection sales.

Look to the Telpara Hills 11 Cow Family for milk, fertility and solid EBVs.  

More information coming soon.