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The Telpara Hills 820 females were founded on 2 top young females from the 2006 Center Ranch dispersal, Center Miss Best Bet 820/R42 and her full sister owned by Cheramie Viator, to establish an elite cow family in Australia with a heavy emphasis on maternal traits.

820/R42 and her dam rank in the top 1% of the breed for milk and maternal growth.  Her grandsire is the outstandingly well-muscled OCC Anchor 771A.

These Best Bet heifers also trace back to an outstanding maternal grand-dam WB Mis 820X4, who is known to be one of the breed’s greatest first-generation females.  Her performance for growth, maternal ability, and longevity were unprecedented as she produced over 140 progeny.

The sire of 820/R42 is Best Bet of Brinks 535H38, a standout sire with extremely low birth weight, very high growth and scrotal circumference, with positive IMF and REA figures.  Additionally he ranks #2 in the US for milk and #3 for maternal growth.

Telpara Hills already has two 820 females here in Australia that have joined our donor herd.  Both donors have plenty of width, capacity, very clean underlines and a quiet temperament.

Telpara Hills Miss L11 820D4


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click here to view Australian Brangus Society Listing